About JLBriggs

Cougarific - grrrowll

I have been an artist all of my life.

I have mastered several mediums, and
love working in all of them.

I’ve also owned and operated the only
legally certified (small-sized) ZOO in
St.Louis/Jefferson County, Mo,
which I began when I adopted Keesha J. Cougar,
my baby cougar.
(aka mountain lion or puma-depending
on what part of the country you are from).

That is a picture of her and I napping
on my home page.

I travel in my tour bus all over the country
every year but much of the time is spent
in the Southwest, as the scenery just seems
to feed my soul.
(Probably my American Indian heritage)

I am able to draw, paint and even sculpt
a little since the bus is not only 40 foot long
but has huge storage compartments underneath
for keeping all of my tools and supplies

What a fun life for any person who loves
beautiful colors and scenery, but especially for an artist.

Master Artist

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